What We Do & Who We Are

Protein is a vital component of a nourishing diet, so we find popular questions about this important nutrient and compile the best information into easy-to-read, yet thorough, articles.

Collette, the founder of Protein Answers, is a registered dietitian and has experience working with athletes, children & adults on tube feeding, and people with chronic health conditions.

These experiences illuminated the importance of dietary protein for maintaining & building lean mass, healing people of all ages, and preventing malnutrition in people most at risk.

In addition to highlighting protein, we provide expert nutrition and fitness recommendations to improve your quality of life.

Our Editorial Process

Our content is written by registered dietitians who have completed at least a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition, 1200 hours of supervised practice through an accredited dietetic internship program, and passed a national registration exam.

To maintain the dietitian credential, we are also required to complete at least 75 hours of continuing education every 5 years, which must include education on ethics in the healthcare field.

Registered dietitians are held to a Scope of Practice and must maintain competency in practice areas. Between our professional experiences, staying current with new research and guidelines, and keeping up with continuing education courses, we are able to confidently approach the topics we cover on this site.

As evidence-based educators, we reference peer-reviewed research articles and provide links to them in our content as it pertains to the information we present. If we discuss our personal or professional experience, we explicitly state that in our content.

While bias is present in all of our lives, we focus on providing factual information and strive to leave our personal opinions out of our content unless it makes sense for the topic we’re addressing, and only after presenting information about all sides involved.

In addition to reviewing current research as we write our articles, we review past articles annually and update them as needed to make corrections or additions as indicated to maintain up-to-date information.

As stated in our Terms of Service, the content on the Protein Answers site is for informational purposes only and should never constitute medical advice or personal nutrition recommendations. We encourage the visitors of our site to consult a physician or other credentialed healthcare practitioner before making any diet or lifestyle changes.

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