21+ High-Protein Dairy-Free Snacks

Dairy is a macro-friendly food group that packs a lot of protein, but if you don’t eat dairy, you might be looking for some high-protein dairy-free snacks to try. This list features a compilation of both animal- and plant-based snack options.

We also have another round-up of high-protein vegan snacks (store-bought & recipes) if you prefer that!

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High-protein dairy-free snacks. Beef jerkey: 9 g. Egg: 6 g. Chicken sausage: 13 g. Turkey breast: 11 g. Roasted chickpeas: 6 g. Smoked salmon: 15 g. Canned tuna: 20 g. Nuts/trail mix: 7 g. Bone broth: 10 g. Seed crackers: 5 g.

High-protein dairy-free snacks

1. Hard-boiled eggs

  • Hard boiled egg – 6 grams of protein & 80 calories (per egg, large)

2. Meat sticks & meat jerky



3.  Sliced meats (turkey, ham, roast beef, Canadian bacon, prosciutto)

Turkey breast


Roast beef

Canadian bacon


4. Sausage

Chicken sausage

Turkey sausage

5. Turkey bacon

6. Rotisserie chicken

  • Thigh, skin eaten – 18 grams of protein & 192 calories (per 3 ounces; 84 g)
  • Thigh, skin removed – 21 grams of protein & 165 calories (per 3 ounces; 84 g)
  • Breast, skin eaten – 22 grams of protein & 149 calories (per 3 ounces; 84 g)
  • Breast, skin removed – 24 grams of protein & 122 calories (per 3 ounces; 84 g)

7. Smoked salmon

  • Smoked salmon – 15 grams of protein & 100 calories (per 3 ounces; 84 g)

8. Canned fish (tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, mussels, oysters)

  • Canned tuna, packed in water – 20 grams of protein & 109 calories (per 3 ounces; 84 g)
  • Canned sardines, packed in water – 16 grams of protein & 102 calories (per 3 ounces; 84 g)
  • Canned salmon – 19 grams of protein & 117 calories (per 3 ounces; 84 g)
  • Canned mackerel, packed in water – 20 grams of protein & 132 calories (per 3 ounces; 84 g)
  • Canned mussels, packed in olive oil – 17 grams of protein & 170 calories (per 3 ounces; 84 g)
  • Canned oysters, packed in water – 11 grams of protein & 118 calories (per 3 ounces; 84 g)

9. Legumes (peas, chickpeas, lupini beans, fava beans, lentils, soybeans, edamame)

10. High-protein dairy-free yogurt

11. High-protein dairy-free milk

Here’s more information about dairy-free high-protein milk!

12. Hummus

  • Hummus – 5 grams of protein & 142 calories (per ¼ cup; 60 g)

13. Black bean dip

  • Black bean dip – 4 grams of protein & 50 calories (per ¼ cup; 60 g)

14. Dairy-free protein bars & bites

15. Dairy-free protein powder & shakes (egg white, soy, pea, brown rice)

Here’s more information about protein bars, powders, and shakes. Here’s more information about pea protein and soy protein.

16. Bone broth

  • Bone broth (beef, chicken, turkey) – 9-10 grams of protein & 40-50 calories (per cup; 237 ml)

17. Dairy-free chia pudding

18. Dairy-free Tofu pudding

19. Trail mix

20. Protein gummies

21. Seed crackers

Chart: high-protein dairy-free snacks

FoodServing SizeCaloriesProtein (g)
Hard-boiled egg1 large egg806
Meat stick (beef & turkey)28 g60-1009-12
Jerky (beef & turkey)28 g709-11
Meat bar37 g120-15010-12
Sliced turkey breast56 g50-6011-13
Sliced ham56 g60-709-12
Sliced roast beef56 g8011-13
Canadian bacon56 g7011
Proscuitto28 g60-707-8
Chicken sausage85 g150-17013-14
Turkey sausage56 g9010
Turkey bacon28 g45-605-6
Chicken breast, skinless84 g12224
Chicken thigh, skinless84 g16521
Smoked salmon84 g10015
Canned fish84 g102-13216-20
Canned mussels84 g17017
Canned oysters84 g11811
Roasted peas28 g109-1305-6
Roasted chickpeas28 g1206
Roasted lupini beans28 g354
Roasted fava beans28 g1207
Roasted lentils28 g100-1505-7
Roasted soybeans28 g130-13813-14
Edamame, boiled78 g949
Dairy-free yogurt, Greek style150 g140-19010-17
Dairy-free milk, high-protein8 oz80-1408
Hummus60 g1425
Black bean dip60 g504
Protein bar, plant-based1 bar190-28010-14
Protein powder30 g90-13024-27
Protein shakes12 oz160-18018-20
Bone broth8 oz40-509-10
Chia pudding4 oz1643
Tofu pudding4 oz27110
Trail mix30 g1509
Protein gummies50 g120-1408-13
Seed crackers28 g70-1104-5

Final thoughts

Having some convenient snacks on hand can be helpful when you don’t have time for a full meal or you just need a little something between meals. These high-protein dairy-free snacks are perfect if you are lactose-intolerant, have a milk allergy, or simply prefer not to eat dairy. We hope you enjoy these easy, convenient dairy-free snack ideas!

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